Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sparkly Updates!

I went to France last week on an exchange as I study A level French, and I had such a great week! I got to know so many lovely people and my language skills improved a lot with the many, many, many guided tours. Did I mention there were a lot of guided tours? I went to the Seaquarium in le Grau du Roi and met this lovely fellow.

I've never seen a friendlier fish than this chap.

Oh and here is me trying to blend in with the scenery...
So after coming back from France I find my parents have got a puppy! I live on a farm, so she will be a sheep dog not a pet. ALTHOUGH LOOK AT HER I JUST WANT TO STROKE HER ALL DAY. She doesn't have a name yet really, the only thing we can think of is Storm but it doesn't seem to fit that well at the moment.

ALSO after a week without seeing her I of course had to meet up with my best friend! We had a good catch up while eating the best sweets in the Universe - sour Smurfs!!
By the way if some odd beings haven't seen the Smurfs or Smurfs 2, where have you been? Get yourself to Netflix!
Then we debugged my computer (oh, what an exciting life I lead), played the Sims aaaaaaaaaand *fanfare* CREATED HER BLOG!!! Go and check it out HERE.

And so off I go, back to my humongous pile of catch-up work I have to do... STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS :(
Penny xxx


  1. The picture of you and fish made me laugh! Cute :)


  2. This looks so cute!
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