Sunday, 23 March 2014


I've been trying to wear a lot more nail varnish this year as I can't normally be bothered with it, but I really like it when my nails are all pretty. So I'm going to show a some looks I've tried out over the last few weeks. I'm sad to say that in a lot of the pictures the paint has already chipped, which I wasn't too happy about, but there you go.

Ted Baker (doesn't have a name/number but it's from the Paint the Town Pretty gift set) and Collection 2 Ice Cube as a base coat
I love this pale pink colour, as it's not too in your face and can go with practically anything. Something that annoyed me a bit with this is that you need two coats for it to even look like there's anything on your nails. The main problem I had though, although you can't see it in this photo, is that there were little air bubbles, which ruined the effect slightly. I'm not sure if this was down to the clear nail varnish underneath, which took a very long time to dry, so maybe I didn't wait long enough. Next time I will try this nail varnish on bare nails with a top coat and see how that goes, as it's just too pretty!

Barry M 43, Ted Baker  (doesn't have a name/number but it's from the Paint the Town Pretty gift set as well) as an  accent nail and  No. 7 Stay Perfect 51 as a top coat
I love this nail look! You need two coats of the Barry M but that doesn't matter when this is the result in my opinion. It stayed on for ages, I don't think there were even any chips when I took it off at the end of the week, definitely not on the accent nail with glitter. The No. 7 dries very quickly and obviously did its job on keeping the varnish on!

No.7 82, Barry M Burgundy Croc 343 or 233 (it says 2 numbers?) and No7 Stay Perfect 51 as a top coat.
The crackle effect came out in these 2 different ways so I thought I'd put in close ups of each of the results. I'm not sure if I like it that much but it is fairly pretty, although maybe not worth the effort considering it chipped quickly. It's a matter of personal opinion if you like this one, so comment below if you have any thoughts!

Alternating with Barry M GNP 3 Watermelon 234 (1st, 3rd and 5th nails) and Maybelline 273 Soho Green (2nd and 4th nails), with No7 Stay Perfect 51 as a top coat
I wanted to show you both these nail varnishes, but didn't want 2 with practically the same colour so I made it alternating! Both nail varnishes, especially the Maybelline one, chipped quickly, but I only did one coat so that probably explains it! I'm not so keen on the colour(s), although having a dark colour like this can be good as it often goes with more outfits.

Barry M 24 with No7 Stay Perfect 51 as a top coat
I LOVE this colour! Sorry it hasn't come out very well in the photo but it's a beautiful burgundy colour. Every time I wear this my mum tells me she loves it which is always a good thing! The last time I wore it it lasted around a week with no chips, but this time it only stayed on for a few days without chipping. Still, I really recommend this!

Thanks for reading!
Penny xxx

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

CURRENT - Loves and Dislikes

Today I'm going to be talking about some things I'm enjoying at the moment and others I don't like as much. It's not things I hate as I couldn't be that harsh (it's like how I never dislike a video on YouTube!), similarly I've only done one thing in each category I don't like because I find it more difficult to think of them.

  • Rather Be ft. Jess Glynne by Clean Bandit - This song is so different from the majority of mainstream music at the moment and it's so fun. I swear I could listen to this all day as it varies so much throughout.
  • Timber ft. Ke$ha by Pitbull - A bit tongue in cheek as it's obviously not the most well written song ever, but you just can't help dancing and singing along!
  • Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars by Travie McCoy - Kind of random but I just heard this on the radio and remembered how much I love it. I could even remember most of the words to the rap sections!

  • Shot Me Down ft.Skylar Grey by David Guetta - This song just makes me feel depressed as the melody is so downbeat.
TV Programmes
  • Waterloo Road - This is a long-term love for me, and I'm proud to say I've watched all the episodes ever made! I thought it was going downhill a bit over the last couple of series, but I'm really enjoying this one.
  • Outnumbered - Conveniently on after Waterloo Road at the moment, this is just hilarious! I don't know any other way to describe it, just WATCH IT if you haven't.
  • Call the Midwife - Perfect Sunday night telly! It always makes me cry, which you could think was a bad thing but I love a tearjerker.
  • Countryfile - My dad loves this programme, but seriously! How much does one person need to know about dormice?
  • SprinkleOfGlitter - Just my favourite person ever. So funny and beautiful - I love that she's a Mummy as well!
  • Troye Sivan - I only discovered him fairly recently (HOW? I hear you ask!), but he's hilarious! It sounds weird but I especially love his ending - if you haven't watched any of his videos, do, if only for the ending, you won't be disappointed by the video.
  • Zoella - I love her in general, but especially now we get to see her guinea pigs in some videos. SO. CUTE.
  • How could I dislike any YouTubers? Any person speaking I can watch to distract from a 500 word German essay is a friend of mine!
This Smurf ice cream I found - how cool is that? It tasted great too.

So there we have it! A few things I'm loving at the moment and um... two things I don't particularly like - OK so I didn't do very well on criticising things.

Thanks for reading! Comment below with any current loves or dislikes you have!
Penny xxx