Sunday, 4 January 2015

YouTube Culture

So today, I wanted to talk about YouTube culture. I'm a huge fan of YouTubers and I think I have a lot of views on this topic. I was inspired by Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter, whose video about this from a few months back is below. I agree with her in many ways, however, I have my own two pennies worth to throw into this debate.

I think it's perfectly fine for a YouTuber to be considered a role model. We know so much more about them and their daily lives than any other celebrity. In vlogs, we can often see YouTubers when they're not at their best (for example Zoe's video), but with celebrities the most you get is an interview in a magazine.Of course, historical figures and people we know ourselves would probably be better as "idols", but when we see someone like Louise, who has made her hobby into a career, it's not surprising we look up to them. However, in my opinion, it's never really right to idolise someone, as that just doesn't seem like a healthy thing to do.

I've never been to a meet-up myself, but it seems to me that they're not that well organised. From posts I've seen on Tumblr, viewers have to wait for hours in queues only to be hurried on by security. Now I love YouTubers (check out my Tumblr aloha_itme to see), but I just don't think it's worth it. Louise's Q&A seems like a great solution, I would absolutely love the chance to ask her some questions! Amity Fest also seems fairly successful, but I worry that as it becomes bigger it could become overcrowded as well. I am with Louise in that screaming at YouTubers seems very extreme, but I can see how if you're in a crowd it seems like the only way to be noticed. I am reminded of these vlogs (Zoe's and Alfie's) when there were viewers crowding around their car. Although they both seemed happy and excited about this, I myself was shocked, especially knowing that Zoe suffers from anxiety.

I feel like hate comments weren't so much of an issue when this video was posted, but now it seems like only a small portion of comments are actually interesting or nice. This seems to be a lot more pertinent for other Youtubers, especially Zoella and PointlessBlog; luckily Sprinklerinos are generally friendlier. However, even if the comments aren't necessarily negative, there is still very often a lot of spam, such as "Let's be YouTube friends" or "I know this is annoying but please check us out". I don't know what the answer is here, but I think it's important to look past thoughtless comments and focus on positive ones.

I will touch briefly on the subject of shipping. I am of the opinion that you should be able to ship whoever you want, as long as it doesn't become invasive. I very often see comments on Marcus' vlogs encouraging him to propose to Niomi. I think this steps over the line.

Recently, advertisement has been a big topic. I personally think it's important that YouTube videos state clearly whether they are an ad or not, but I'm not sure if it's completely necessary to have to put it in the title, because I think it probably puts some viewers off, even when I believe that most YouTubers still give their honest opinions. I appreciate when bloggers make it clear, usually with an asterisk, which products have been supplied by PR companies. Transparency is important when you want to gain the trust of readers and viewers!

I hope that in the New Year, YouTube culture can change for the better!

Thanks for reading!
Penny xxx


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