Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Favourites

As this is my first favourites post (unless you count this), some of these are more general favourites rather than specifically this month - but a lot of them relate specifically to January!

  • My notebook! It's been so useful for planning things this month, especially blog posts.
  • A shower puff - this is one of the more long term ones. I never used to use the shower puffs that come with a lot of sets but one day I decided to use this Sanctuary Spa one and I haven't looked back since! It just helps shower gel lather up so much.
  • Botanics Iconic Clay Mask - I've only used this a couple of times, but I already think it's really effective at getting rid of oils and reducing blackheads.
  • Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner - This isn't a specific favourite - I quite like the eyeliner but I don't think I'll be repurchasing it as it's not amazing. But this month I've really been loving using liquid eyeliner. I'm still not great, but I'm learning!
  • Revlon Balm Stain in Honey - I really love tinted balms like this one that make your lips feel better and you know will look nice as they fade away. I've spoken about this here (including the fact I'm not completely sure what it is!).
  • Vaseline Paint the Town Red - Continuing on from the above theme, I just love this Vaseline, but I think it was limited edition, unfortunately.
  • The Body Shop Honey Hand Cream - I don't often use hand cream as my hand aren't generally that dry, but this Winter they have been getting slightly dry. The scent of this hand cream is just amazing and it works so well.
  • This is an odd one, but I've recently discovered that Superdrug has an 10% NUS (UK student card) discount when you have their Beautycard, so I've been taking advantage of that!
  • The jumper I got at Christmas, from New Look (featured in this post) - Or just any jumper really, but as this one is quite new I thought I'd feature it here. Anything cozy and warm is a winner at the moment!
  • I think driving has to be one of my January favourites. In the past I have always hated and been scared of driving, but now I have a new driving instructor who is a lot more encouraging, which has made me enjoy it a lot more.
  • Those cards aren't just there for decoration! No, my friends and I play a lot of card games, and I really enjoy that. This month popular games have been Poker (without real betting) and variations on the game Diminishing Bridge (also known as Oh Hell, talked about here)
  • Podcasts - I absolutely love podcasts. I listen to them all the time - when I'm walking the dogs, getting ready, on public transport, EVERYWHERE. Some of my favourites this month have been Psychobabble, Tyler Oakley's podcast and That's What He Said, Greg James's. Both are very odd, but I find them hilarious!
  • MakeupSavvy - Just so brilliant! And I love how she buys a lot of makeup products from Amazon - it just makes so much sense guys - if you know what a product is like after seeing it in real life or having it yourself, buying stuff from Amazon is often just so much cheaper.
  • From Roses - A wonderfully written blog about lovely things.
  • Miss Budget Beauty (Blog and YouTube) - A great one for budget buys, as the name would suggest, but also brilliant for me, as she has oily skin, like I do, so I know the products she recommends will work fairly well on my skin. It sometimes seems like all beauty bloggers have normal to dry skin!!
  • MoreMarcus - There was a point where I thought Marcus's vlogs were becoming slightly boring, but now I feel like I've come full circle and I'm really enjoying them at the moment!
  • Queen! Since seeing in the New Year with Queen and Adam Lambert on TV, they have most definitely been in my current playlist.
  • Lips Are Movin' by Meghan Trainor - Just a really fun song
  • What Now by Rhianna - I thought I'd make it clear what a weird mix of music I listen to - someone mentions an old song to me and I listen to it on repeat for the next few weeks.
  • There are Worse Things I Could Do from Grease - To re-emphasise the last point!!

Thanks for reading!! What are some of your more random favourites from this month?
Penny xxx


  1. Great favourites! I'm also a fan of Miss Budget Beauty - her blog is one of my favs x

    1. No problem! : ) You always do great posts which is why I'm nominating you to do the Infinity Dreams award. All the info is on my blog -

      Thanks x

    2. Thank you, I think I'll do it this weekend combined with the Inspirational Blogger award :D Penny xxx

  2. Lovely post, these are some of my favourites too! And the NUS card discounts are literally the best thing ever!!

    Lauren x
    The Fashion Ramblings

    1. Thank you! Yes I knooow, I can't believe I didn't know about them before!! Penny xxx

  3. Hi Penny,

    I like your favorites. I love Vaseline and would love to try Paint The Town Red, it's a shame it's limited edition. I also love Meghan Trainor - I enjoy her songs! I am not into podcasts yet, maybe I should check it out. Any recommendations?

    Jo of

  4. Thank you! Yeah, I hope they'll bring it out again! I love podcasts so much! A couple of my recommendations are above, but I also love Scott Mills' podcast, Grace Helbig's Not Too Deep and the R1 Breakfast show podcast :D Penny xxx

  5. Hello I really like your blog! That's why I nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    Take a look at my blog for more informations :)

    1. Thanks so much! But I've already done the Liebster Award here:


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