Monday, 30 March 2015

My make-up mug!


Recently, I've been buying far too much make-up... which resulted in my make-up storage drawers (seen in this post) no longer being enough for it all! So I decamped some of the longer things into this pretty mug.

  • Maybelline Brow Drama in Medium Brown - I really like this because I am fairly happy with my brows, I just sometimes like a bit more colour in them.
  • ELF Eye Primer in Sheer - I won't say much about this or any of the other eye primers as I've got a detailed review of them here. On the subject of ELF - the UK website is closing down, so links will be from the US website.
  • ELF Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in Turkish Coffee - I quite like this, but I haven't used it very much yet. It also doesn't come out particularly well on top of other eyeshadows, but I will keep using it and get back to you.
  • Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner in Nude - I bought this to use in the waterline, but I've found that the colour is far too orangey and it slips down my waterline onto my lash line but is then a nightmare to remove from there - not impressed after reading so many positive reviews.
  • Topshop Kohl Eyeliner in Coal - I've been really enjoying using this in the waterline and tightline recently. It doesn't have the best staying power, but it's quite creamy and easy to use.
  • Barry M Liquid Eyeliner in 61(?) - Couldn't seem to find this colour anywhere, but I quite like the applicator and staying power of this eyeliner. 
  • ELF Primer Eyeshadow in Silver - I like to use this sheered out on my eyelids, to add a bit of sparkle. It's definitely creases a lot more than a primer on me, but anyone with less oily eyelids would probably have no issues with it. 
  • Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair - I don't particularly like this concealer as it's too heavy to be used under my eyes, especially when I use it without any base makeup. And the shade I have is too light to use on the rest of my face, unfortunately. As you can see all of the writing on the packaging has rubbed off as well!
  • Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner - I'm not that keen on this - I definitely wouldn't recommend it but it's OK. I really want something I can line my eyes really finely with - or maybe I just need to improve my skills?
  • Natural Collection Lip Liner in Mulberry - I've only used this as a colour for the whole lips so far, but I really like the colour and it fades nicely. The issue is that it clings badly to dry patches - on me it makes parts of my lips look purple.
  • MUA Pro Base Eye Primer - Review
  • ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer - Review
Thanks for reading!
Penny xxx

Sunday, 22 March 2015

My morning routine!


Today I'm going to tell you all about what I get up to in the mornings. This really isn't a skincare routine, as I don't do very much at all in the mornings - it's more of a lifestyle post.

After getting up at 6.30 (or 7.30 when I don't have a lesson first period), I go and have breakfast straight away. I eat the same thing every day without fail. Lots of butter and a little of Marmite on my mum's homemade bread, a pint of water and a glass of juice or smoothie. At the weekend (when I would be breakfasting a lot later!) I watch YouTube videos while I eat, but there's no time for that on a school day!

I then make my way sleepily upstairs to the bathroom, where I don't shower, simply because it takes too long - I love showering in the morning, but I don't want to have to get up 15 minutes earlier when I could just do it the night before! I use deodorant, wash my face with cold water, brush my teeth and put my contact lenses in. Then I use Botanics Hydrating Eye Cream - I probably wouldn't buy this again as it somehow makes my under-eyes feel dryer, but whenever I put it on my eyelids (rarely) it makes them feel sticky, so it isn't ideal. Next I use Botanics Mattifying Day Cream, which I quite like as it does moisturise the skin, which I was worried it wouldn't, being called mattifying. However it doesn't keep my oily skin matte all day, but I don't think I should really expect it to. 

W7 In the Buff, Makeup revolution Essential Mattes, ELF Baked Eyeshadow Pallette in California (not sure what's going on with ELF), Maybelline Colour Tattoos in On and On Bronze, Permanent Taupe and Pink Gold, Maybelline The Rocket Mascara, Maybelline Age Rewind, Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner, Benefit Roller Lash, Topshop Kohl Liner, Sleek Contour Kit in Light, Maybelline Brow Drama In Medium Brown, Revlon Balm Stain in Honey, ELF blush in Blushing Rose (US link), Limited edition Vaseline, Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop, Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye Fix Primer (not pictured)
I then put on some combination of the above products - I would never have enough time to use them all, so I like to switch it up a lot. I will always wear mascara and some kind of lip product, even if it is just the Vaseline that doesn't really add very much colour. I then do my hair and get dressed and  rush out of the door at (hopefully) 7.20! 

Thanks for reading! How does my morning routine compare to yours?
Penny xxx

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Some quotes to make you smile!


I've seen a couple of inspirational and funny quotes recently, and I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you! If you'd like me to make this some kind of regular feature, like SprinkleOfGlitter's Motivational Mondays then let me know!

I remember singing this a lot when I was younger, after watching the Lion King. However, I think it is a good mantra to think about. I think people worry too much sometimes, and we should take some time out of each day to relax properly and forget our worries. I tried out this yoga video the other day and I think it de-stressed me as well as being very gentle exercise to stretch my muscles that don't get as much use as they should. 

This is one I found myself in Sainsbury's on the side of a box of Kabuto Noodles (I've never tried them but they look yummy!) and I just thought it was a hilarious quote!

I think this is such an important thing to remember. It's so easy to get bogged down in trying to look amazing at all times, be the best at everything and always feel 100%. That just can't happen! Try to remember that no-one else is perfect, even if you think they are, they are probably struggling just as much as you.

Just something to think about the next time you get your phone out to play Candy Crush!

Another one that I took myself - I just thought this was an ironic mark of the world we live in today. 

Thanks for reading! 
Penny xxx

Sunday, 8 March 2015

My stash of body butters!


As a girl, I always seem to get body products as presents. I've only bought one of the products in this whole collection, and that was only as the free part of a 3 for 2 deal! Now, I'm not complaining, but I do find that whilst I use the shower gels, the body butters and scrubs tend to just stick around in a bag in the corner of my room. I'm definitely guilty of not moisturising my body enough! I thought I'd share my collection with you today and tell you what I think of everything.

The Body shop's body butters are probably my favourite formula - they're just so thick and rich, making it so much more fun to scoop out and lather over yourself. I absolutely LOVE the Chocomania scent, but I don't think I could deal with it as a shower gel or scrub. I seem to have acquired a Satsuma Body Butter and Body Puree. I quite like the smell of these, but I find the container of the puree absolutely impossible, as it's so small! 

I dislike this Sanctuary Spa scent, so I may be biased when it comes to these, but obviously they're not my favourites! It just seems like an old lady smell. I've got the Foaming Bath Soak, the Body Scrub, the Luxury Bath Float, the Body Lotion and the Body Wash, which I actually really like as it has moisturising "capsules", so if you like the smell of these products, this is a good one. I may have a sniff of the White Lily and Damask Rose version in Boots and see what I think, as that has a similar gimmick and could suit me more.

Now this section was impossible to find online! I couldn't find the Beauty Parlour Online at all - I just use this Body Wash and Body Butter when I have a bath, which isn't very often. I did a bit better with Along Came Betty - I found the brand, but not the product, which is called the Light Shimmer Lotion. It's got quite a sickly sweet smell, but it's fairly unoffensive. 

It was hard to find these Creightons body butters online but I managed it, which I'm so pleased about as I love them! Although the Avocado and Almond sounds very odd, it's definitely my favourite! The Raspberry and Pomegranate is also lovely. They're also pretty cheap, so definitely worth checking out. I've only just realised after trying to find a link for it, that the Natural Collection body products are no longer available at Boots in the UK! Those products really were a blast from the past - I remember when everyone would have the body sprays and it's made me quite sad that the brand is no more.

I'm not the biggest fan of the Ted Baker scent, so I've kept hold of the Body Wash, Body Souffle and Body Spray, with the view of possibly taking them on holiday or something in the future. The Soap and Glory Righteous Butter is obviously completely wonderful, but I just don't use it enough! I also think the Orangeasm and Sugar Crush scents are more 'me'.

I pledge that I will use up my favourite body butters ONE DAY. I will have finished at least one of these by the end of the year!

Thanks for reading! Do you have the same difficulty as me with body butters?
Penny xxx

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Body Confidence


Today, I'm going to talk about a very important issue, that I don't think I can come close to covering in one post. Body confidence. I don't think there is a single person in the world that is completely happy with their body. However, it is possible to look past your faults and accept yourself for who you are! I would personally consider myself to be quite confident about how I look, so I hope I can pass some of that on to you!

If you think about it, do you really notice if one of your friends has a spot or greasy hair one day? I know that I don't! Maybe I'm just really unobservant, but to me, once I know a face quite well, I don't really notice when it changes, other than makeup, which I always notice. The only time I would realise that something was different is when the person is self-conscious about something, like if they're picking a spot of pulling down their skirt. I am the worst culprit for this, but I do try, especially with blemishes, as obviously that just makes it worse anyway! So my advice here is just... TRY NOT TO THINK ABOUT IT! Something so much easier said than done, I know, but give it a go. The thing is though, even if someone does see you're not looking perfect one day, I'm sure they won't actually care. I bet, when you're fussing over how your legs look in that skirt, your best friend is thinking that your hair looks amazing today.

Something that can really help you to feel better about how you look is taking selfies - maybe you take them when you feel especially gorgeous. Or, you could try to take one every single day, so you're spending time each day trying to look your best. I just don't know what it is about selfies, but they do give a confidence boost. Another thing you can do is wear makeup - not to cover up, but to emphasise your natural beauty and just make you feel a million dollars. I feel like this Tumblr post that I found really explains what I'm trying to say here. Wearing your favourite clothes or hairstyle can also help you to feel much better on a day when you don't think you look your best.

My challenge to you is to try to find 3 things you like about your body, which will hopefully be easy for you! Once you've done this, maybe you can try to dress in a way that emphasises your best bits - if you like your arms, maybe you could wear vest tops? SprinkleOfGlitter talks quite a bit about this sort of thing (this is an oldie but a goodie).

Thanks for reading and I hope this post was useful for you!
Penny xxx