Sunday, 12 April 2015

Tips for small bloggers, from a small blogger


As I've only been regularly blogging since December, I feel like such a fraud writing an advice post! But I hope I can help some of you out.

The most important thing for me in a blog post is the spelling and grammar. Someone could be writing about something I'm really interested in, but if there are a lot of mistakes it just distracts me from the actual content. Take the extra 5 minutes to just read through the post again.

Pictures are also very important for me. The main problem I see with smaller bloggers is that the pictures are often taken in bad light, often making everything seem yellowy - especially a problem when they're showing swatches or something! I don't think you need a particularly good camera though - I just use my phone and although obviously they're not the best quality, I don't think my photos are terrible quality. I don't edit my photos at all, except from the occasional crop, so I probably should do this, but that's just not really something that interests me - I'm more interested by the composition. I'm by no means an expert, in fact I've never taken any proper photos other than for this blog, but I'm really enjoying trying out something new.

I've found that something that's really helped me is having a schedule. I really wanted to post at least once a week this year, so I decided to post on Sundays. I also occasionally do another one midweek (like this week), but the main thing is to have an aim, as this motivates you to keep going! Last year when I technically started blogging, I was very irregular and in the end just stopped. Planning everything out in my notebook is also really useful. I have a list of post ideas and then at the start of the month I write down what I will do for the next 4 weeks. I've changed something every time I've done it so far, but it's just helpful to have an idea of what you'll be doing.

Commenting on other blogs really helps people to be able to see your blog. I think it's best if you write something thoughtful and nice about the other person's post, then linking your blog at the end, rather than just saying "Check my blog out!". You can use this:
<a href="">Polka Dot Penny</a>
with your own address and blog name to have a direct hyperlink to your blog. Something else that increases traffic is blogging awards, such as the Liebster Award or Versatile Blogger Award. If you get nominated for one of these, I really recommend that you take the time to not only write the post, but also comment on the blog of the person who nominated you and the people you nominate.

Thanks for reading and I hope these tips helped you! What tips do you have?
Penny xxx


  1. Great tips, Penny! Especially about the spelling and grammar, it shows you take care and pride in your work when it's up to scratch. I have a Dell laptop, too!! Mine is black, though :) x


    1. Thank you! Yes I agree. Haha mine seems to break all of the time, I really need a new one!! :) xxx

  2. Great tips, thanks for sharing x


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