Sunday, 5 April 2015

To print or not to print?


I've been thinking about photos a lot recently. And I don't just mean the difficult decision of what to put as the picture on a blog post about pictures!

These days, it's so easy to not print pictures, even though having pictures around is so lovely! It's a brilliant idea to have photos easily accessible online or on your phone, but the reality is we just don't look at them! Printing photos has become such a faff, either you get grainy bad quality ones from the printer at home, or you spend loads of money printing them online or in Boots. Bring back the days when disposable cameras were all the rage, eh?

Another problem is that I find is that with some groups of friends I take loads of photos and with others I barely take any at all. Neither is ideal! On the one hand, you end up with 50 photos of the same 6 people standing in a line and on the other hand there's nothing to show for years of brilliant friendship. Photos have become commonplace, so we know that we *could* have a photo together, but it just never happens I would love a happy medium, but it just never works out that way!

I think it was so much better when everyone had a film camera that would be brought out at special occasions, and when the pictures were sent back in a handy envelope you could have a lovely family event looking back at all the recent memories, or sharing them with people who weren't there. I wonder if you guys think I'm just being an old granny about it, or if you agree. Comment down below your thoughts on printing pictures and if you have the same problems with friendship groups!

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  1. Must admit, I always print my photos through Snapfish because I'm paranoid that I'll lose them! I don't trust technology, and even computer backups don't reassure me. But I totally understand about always having the same people, one of my oldest friends is having a birthday do next Saturday and I texted her to say I haven't actually got any photos of her and me and we need to take some! But some of my other friends I have tons of pics with! It's weird :) x


    1. I would love to print all my photos - I'm too stingy though I think! Funny - my best friend is having a birthday thing on Saturday as well! But it's with a group we ALWAYS take photos with! xx

  2. Hi Penny, I also have never printed photos anymore since I got my hands on digital camera. Maybe you can just chose the best one of the batch to print so that you will have a memory of the event to look on to. Also, maybe it will be an idea to hang those photos on a wall so that you will see them each time?

    Have a lovely week.

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    1. This is such a good idea! I'd love to one day have a photo wall, but I think I'm too lazy to make one!

  3. I've hardly ever get photographs printed any more... i think im going to do a scarp book though, so that would be a good excuse to get printing! xx


    1. I would absolutely love to make a scrapbook - something like the Project Life one looks so good, but it's just so expensive! But yes, I should do that too :)


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