Sunday, 24 May 2015



I feel like all I've been doing recently is worrying about revision (note not actually revising...), but it turns out I have done other things!

Currently listening to:
Ear Biscuits - I realise I talked about this in my first currently post, but in the past couple of weeks I have gone IN on Ear Biscuits. I've downloaded all of the old episodes of people I've never even heard of, because regardless of what the person does, it's just so interesting to hear about someone's life in detail!

Currently watching:
Hannah Maggs - A fairly new discovery of mine, but quickly becoming one of my favourite YouTubers! Hannah vlogs her week with her beautiful family - but I don't even know if you can call them vlogs - they're just so well edited, making them very unique.
Made in Chelsea - This is so my guilty pleasure... I absolutely love the drama, eye-rolling and awkward silences.
Lily Pebbles - Lily has been vlogging throughout May and I adore her vlogs. I don't know what it is about them but they just make me smile every time. And her finding a highlight of the day is something I really admire. I think we could all do with finding a highlight - those small joys in every day that we just don't always take note of.

Currently reading:
Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern - Well I can safely say I'm going to fail my reading challenge... But I have been enjoying this book, which is a fantasy novel.
The Sunday Girl - I really enjoy Adrienne's posts - you know when you're scrolling through Bloglovin and you see a post about a product you're not that interested in and you decide not to read it, but then change your mind when you see who it's by? That. Although most of her posts I would want to read anyway! I really love that she has oily skin like me (sounds odd, I know), as I can get more of an idea of if products would work well with my skin type. And how does she get so many good quality posts out? Witchcraft, I tell you.

Currently using:
Pixi Lip Blush in Energy - I got this in the Latest in Beauty Capital box, so I've been using it quite a lot recently. I would say it's like a better version of  Benefit's Cha Cha Tint. I was going to say it's a dupe, but no! The colours are practically the same - corals that look quite reddy on the lips, but this is much better because I find Cha Cha Tint can cling to dry patches on my lips, which this one doesn't do. It lasts a fairly long time as well. I haven't tried this as a blush, as I find these kind of blushes too difficult to work with. Even though I think it's better than Cha Cha tint, I don't think I would repurchase it, because for me, it's not really worth £12.50. But I'm glad I got it in a beauty box!

Sorry the writing is quite small!
Maybelline Rocket Mascara - I think this mascara is really nice for a fluttery-lashed daytime look. However, I do find the wand quite large, which can make it difficult to work with. My main issue, however is that it smudges so much. The lashes stay looking good, but there is always a black splodge under my eyes. And then after all that it's difficult to remove. I wouldn't buy this again, but I do like it, especially with a layer of Benefit Rollerlash to extend the lashes even more.

Currently doing:
I took part in a YouGov-organised focus group, which ended up with me getting a £30 Amazon voucher! I'm so pleased, as now I've preordered Louise's Book and Dan and Phil's Book, which I was going to do anyway, but now it's free!

Currently wanting:
A facial SPF - I'd like something for the warmer months that doesn't turn my face into an oil slick. This Vichy one looks pretty good to me, and it's on offer at the moment.

Thanks for reading!
Penny xxx

Sunday, 17 May 2015

My Bucket List


I've wanted to make a bucket list for a while now, so here is the basis of my bucket list! You'll notice they're all fairly achievable things that I think I can do, so hopefully I will be able to complete this list! However, this is just a start - I'm hoping to carry on adding to it and crossing things out when I've done them.

  1. Create a time capsule
  2. Send a message in a bottle
  3. Have children
  4. Catch a last minute flight to a random destination
  5. Sleep under the stars
  6. Go travelling alone
  7. Drive to the beach with friends, unplanned
  8. Buy a MAC lipstick
  9. Become completely fluent in French and German
  10. Be a chalet girl
  11. Dance outside in the rain as an adult
  12. Go on a blind date
  13. Go on a road trip
  14. Practise yoga every day for a month
  15. Take part in a large protest for something I am passionate about
  16. Have breakfast out - I completed this one yesterday when I went out for breakfast with my friends to our other friend's work, but I definitely want to do it again and have a more pancakey-type breakfast, as this was a full English job.
  17. Go zorbing in a river
  18. Contact someone with the same name as me
  19. Make a video I'm proud of and upload it
  20. Dye my hair
I'm looking forward to doing all of these fun things and recording what happened here!

Thanks for reading! Do you have anything interesting on your bucket list?

Penny xxx

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Disappointing products


Other bloggers and YouTubers always seem to start these posts saying they hate being so negative, but I think it's good to let you guys know when I don't like something, because I don't want anyone to waste their money on a product which perhaps doesn't work that well. I'll explain all my issues with the products, so hopefully you can see if the problems I've found are that important for you or not! You might have tried some of these and loved them, so let me know if that's the case!

Dove Compressed Go Fresh Cucumber Anti-Perspirant - I tend to go for roll-on deodorants, but I thought I'd buy this one for times when I'm on the go and don't want to wait for my underarms to dry. However, I never feel at all clean when I use this and I can always smell it on me for ages afterwards, which I don't love. I think next time I'm in the market for a deodorant, I'll go for a solid one, like this.

Collection Glam Crystals in Glitz 1 - I quite liked this eyeliner, which I was given, although obviously it's not one for everyday! The issue is that it's quite quickly separated into the liquid and the sparkles, which is disappointing.

Rimmel Wake Me Up  Foundation in Ivory - I think I just bought this on a whim because I got it for so cheap from Amazon (haul here) and I'd heard good things from bloggers everywhere. It's just really not the one for me. I have quite oily skin so the shimmer isn't exactly ideal for me! And the shade is simply too dark for my skin tone. 

ELF Mineral Lip Gloss in Sorority Girl - I'm afraid I've never actually worn this for an extended period of time because it's just so sticky. There's nothing else to say, it's just practically unwearable because of this.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude - I'm so disappointed with this eyeliner. I had such high hopes after hearing so many positive reviews of it and I hoped it would be able to brighten up my waterline. However, as I've talked about here, I've found it far too orangey to do this. But that's the least of my problems! I find that as soon as I apply it (even after trying to keep my eyes open for as long as possible!), it smudges down and goes onto my lashline. Then, when it comes to removing it, it's impossible as it's a waterproof formula. I don't know if my eyes are particularly watery, but I don't think so as I haven't had this issue with the Topshop Kohl liner. I can't say what this is like on the lid, as obviously I wouldn't use this colour there, so this formula may work well there.

MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer - I really don't like this, but it's likely that you might! Here is a detailed review of this and my other eye primers.

These all come from a shopping spree when I was very interested in makeup but didn't know about beauty bloggers! I chose these from reading Boots reviews for many hours and I just wish I'd waited until I'd got into YouTube to buy base products.

L'oreal True Match Mineral Foundation in W1 -  I don't hate this foundation - although it can look quite powdery and cakey, it feels quite light on the skin and the colour match is quite good for me  I think I'm going to use this (lightly) as my powder the next time I wear my Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream as I hope it will give a flawless effect. I'm mainly upset that I didn't buy the liquid version of this, because I really want that one now! The application of this is also a bit tricky and the brush could be softer. 

Revlon Photoready Concealer in Light - This doesn't really work under the eyes, which is what I mainly use concealer for. I also find it sometimes goes quite cakey on blemishes, but it is quite pigmented. Also, as you can see the packaging isn't the best.

Collection Primed and Ready - I really don't like this primer. It seems to make my foundation go on worse, especially on my nose, where I have the most uneven skin.  I can't say I've noticed it elongating wear time either.

I think I just can't deal with the maintenance that comes with a red lip. In theory I like them, and when I put them on it looks great, but after that it all goes downhill. I suppose the main reason I'm disappointed is just that I just can't make them work for me.

Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in The Redder the Better- I expected this to be something like the Revlon Balms, i.e. more nourishing than pigmented, but this is actually quite drying and packs a punch colour-wise.  My friend (blog here) absolutely loves this though, so it might just be me! I also only know the shade name because of her, as everything has rubbed off mine!

Barry M Lip Paint in Pillar Box Red - This is quite an orange-toned red and although I want to love it, I just don't really have the guts to wear it that much. And as I said, it definitely needs reapplication with a mirror, which I am just not about. Maybe I just need to be bolder with my lip choices!

Thanks for reading! Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?
Penny xxx

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Drugstore Eye Primer Reviews


Today's is a post I've been planning for quite a while - and hinting at in a couple of posts as well! I have incredibly oily eyelids, but I love eyeshadows, so eye primers are a must! I also haven't quite got up the courage to buy a high-end one as I just don't want to spend that kind of money on something that might not work well for me. In this review I'm going to talk about my thoughts on these for stopping creasing on oily eyelids, and the experiment I did with swatches on my arms. Surprisingly, they gave very different results!

ELF Single Eyeshadow in Raspberry Truffle (unfortunately discontinued)
Swatches straight after being put on from left to right: no primer, MUA eye primer, Elf eyelid primer, Elf Mineral eyeshadow primer, Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye Fix Primer
Swatches after 5 hours: no primer, MUA eye primer, Elf eyelid primer, Elf Mineral eyeshadow primer, Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye Fix Primer
MUA Eye Primer - When I have used this on my eyelids, eyeshadows have always creased extremely quickly. I really dislike it, it almost seems to make my eyelids even oilier! However, on my arm it's a completely different story. The first picture really doesn't do it justice, this primer really amped up the colour of the eyeshadow and brought out the purple undertones. And obviously in the second picture, this is the only swatch that's stayed in any way! So, if you're after a primer that makes colour more intense and your only issue is fading, this is the one for you!

ELF Eyelid Primer in Sheer- This is the first one I got and it dries quite quickly, leaving shadows easy to blend in. It definitely prolongs wear, but not too much - if you're in the US and can get this for $2 (I thought it was $1?) it is probably worth it, but in other countries what with P&P and heightened costs it's probably not. As you can see in the swatches, the colour is slightly more intense than the swatch without primer in both pictures.

ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer - I have noticed no difference between this and the basic ELF one, the swatches here are possibly better in the cheaper one! Save your dollar!

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye Fix Primer - I realise Elizabeth Arden isn't really a drugstore brand, but I bought this on Amazon for only £8.99 (it's now £9.99), so it isn't that expensive. This is definitely the best thing I've tried for oily eyelids. You get a lot of hours wear with this The main problem I have is that it takes so long to dry. I'd heard this in reviews before I bought it, but I thought that wouldn't be too bad. It turns out you have to wait a matter of minutes before you can apply anything over the top, which is extremely inconvenient. It's also then often quite difficult to blend eyeshadow over the top. The swatches on my arm show that the colour is less than intense with this primer.

So I'm yet to find the perfect eye primer. Maybe I should try using the Elizabeth Arden one with the MUA one over the top, or is that just too much hassle? Do you have any recommendations for me? Have you tried any of these and if so what do you think?

Thanks for reading!
Penny xxx