Sunday, 28 June 2015

My leaver's ball


As I told you in my last post, I have now finished my exams, so I recently had a leaver's ball (like prom, but in the UK prom is at 16 and I am now 18). I had such a great time with all my friends and it was a pretty momentous occasion as it marked the end of my two years at my sixth form college. I took some photos so I thought I would share them with you and tell you about the dress and makeup. I'm not particularly happy with any of these pictures, but unfortunately I can't go back and take more now!

My dress is from the Elise Ryan brand from ASOS - it was one I saw on there and then it kept coming up on my adverts and in the end I just knew I had to have it - link. My shoes are wedges from New Look, as I can't be dealing with proper high heels for comfort purposes! I bought them over two years ago though so they won't be available any more sadly. Something that may be a bit TMI, but that I think I should put in is that I needed to buy a non-padded strapless bra to go with this dress as there is a lot of padding in the bust area. I would say that this dress stays up very well until you are dancing a lot! Which is slightly unfortunate as obviously there was a lot of dancing at the ball, but I didn't mind holding it up too much.

The products I used were:
Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude - a mixture of Buttercream and Biscuit on the lid and a mixture of Chocolate Milk and Brown Sugar in the crease
Maybelline Eraser Eye in Light under my eyes
Revlon Photoready Concealer in Light on blemishes (not my favourite but the best option I had)
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair on a blemish on my chest and in the inner corner of my eyes
Maybelline Brow Drama in Medium Brown
Maybelline Rocket Mascara on the top lashes
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara to extend and separate my top lashes and on the bottom lashes

I had Rimmel Rita Ora Nail Polish in Glastonberry on my fingernails and toenails. I didn't want to have something similar to the colour of my dress!

Thanks for reading! Have you had a prom recently?
Penny xxx

Sunday, 21 June 2015



So after weeks of revising and stressing, I've finally finished my A level exams. And with this comes the fact that I've completely finished my school education! 

You can't imagine how good it feels to be done with exams, until it's happened. Finally, I can have the summer I really want to. I've already had my friends round last night, when we consumed ridiculous amounts of prosecco in celebration. I'm off to Dublin today (Friday, this post is scheduled) for my cousin's wedding. And the fun just carries on after that, with seeing old friends and holidays. And I can finally actually do these things instead of just dreaming of them!

During the revision period, I decided to try and find a #highlightofmyday every day on my Twitter. I thought this would help me see the good in every day, even if it wasn't the best day ever. However, I actually found it quite depressing how hard I had to think every single day to try and find one vaguely good thing about it. Although now looking back on my tweets I feel like it gives me a nice overview of what I've been doing in the past month. But I don't think I'll be continuing it, at least not immediately.

Thanks for reading! Have you had exams recently?
Penny xxx

Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Edinburgh Fringe!


For the last couple of years, me and my best friend Lizzie (blog here) have gone to the Edinburgh Fringe festival. If you guys haven't heard of this, it's an arts festival which is especially well known for its comedy. We went to practically all free comedy shows, which there are so many of and are often as good as comedians you see on the telly! It's slightly different due to the fact you're normally in the back room of a pub with 30 people at the Fringe! I thought free shows might not be that great, but honestly, I really recommend them, because as a general rule they are so good! The comedians always ask for donations at the end, and nearly everyone always gives something, but it's paying a pound instead of a tenner like some shows are and it's definitely worth it! Also, going to free shows means you can go to as many as you like without having to worry about the costs racking up.

Us outside the castle!

Lizzie inside the Udderbelly (a special area)

Me inside the Elephant Cafe, where JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book

Me and Lizzie trying to get a good picture of Edinburgh with us in!!

I also really love Edinburgh as a city. It's so beautiful and there are fun things around every corner. Especially when the festival is on, because there are street performers everywhere - everything is turned into a venue during August! I definitely want to go back soon (maybe if myself or Lizzie pass our driving test this year it will be easier...), but basically, I definitely think you should all check the Fringe out if you've ever got the chance.

On top of Arthur's Seat 
Thanks for reading! Have you ever been to the Fringe or another similar festival?
Penny xxx

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Life on the Farm


So, quite a long time ago, I mentioned that I live on a farm and Jo from Say Cheesy Cake asked if I would do a post about it with all of the dogs and animals - so here we go! I thought I'd do a bit of background first - I don't come from a farming family, my dad's started the business and bought the farm from scratch, which is a pretty impressive achievement if you ask me!

We always used to only have sheep, and I definitely feel the most confident looking after them, compared to other animals. I could spot a sick sheep a mile off or round them up in the blink of an eye! (well... sort of)

Now we've also got cattle, which I LOVE, because they're so friendly and will lick your hands so much! Their tongues are extremely rough, so it's not the most pleasant of experiences, but I don't mind.

We used to have chickens (and geese ages ago), but no more. My dad keeps promising to buy my mum some more chickens, but he hasn't done it yet! He's also been saying for many years that we'll get pigs, but it looks like this might happen soon.

We also have lots of arable land, including wheat, oil seed rape and beans, but empty fields don't make as interesting photos!

And now for the bit you've probably all been waiting for - the dogs!

Scruffie (also known as Scruff, Scuffle...)
Pickle is Scruffie's mother, and the family started with Pickle's grandmother Polly, who was given to my mum by my Grandma. Then there was Daisy, and now the younger two. However, my mum's said we won't be continuing the line with more puppies, which I think is simply unacceptable! I feel like without Jack Russells I won't know what to do with myself - we've had them all my life.

We've also got 2 sheep dogs (border collies). It's quite difficult to take a good picture of a collie as they're extremely affectionate! The older one, Fly, is excellent with the sheep and can round them up very quickly. Bella is only a couple of years old and hasn't been properly trained, so hasn't got the hang of working yet, unfortunately.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this very different post!

Penny xxx

Monday, 1 June 2015

I can't take compliments


Not my image

Why is it that accepting a compliment is so hard to do? The other person only wants to be nice, but it often has the complete opposite effect on people! I suppose the main reason is, that if someone is shy, they don't want all the attention to suddenly be on them! It's not a particularly comfortable experience to suddenly have all eyes in the room on you.

I'm sure this is something you can all relate to, someone pays you a compliment and you immediately clam up, go red and can't think of anything appropriate to say. Now I didn't realise this was such a problem for me until someone told me my lashes looked nice and asked if I had got a new mascara. I completely panicked and blurted out "NO!", when in fact I'd only been using that mascara for a few days (it was Maybelline Falsies!), so obviously, it was new.

Another thing that a lot of people do is just compliment the other person back, making it look like you don't mean a word of it, even if you've been thinking about how nice their top was the entire time you've been talking about.

So what should you say? Obviously the first thing is a thank you, but after that I don't know. It's probably a good idea to have a set phrase that you can go to if you panic.

Thanks for reading!
Penny xxx