Sunday, 30 August 2015

Bodycare Empties


Here is the last post in my Empties series! You can read the first post, about skincare empties here and the second post about hair and makeup empties here.

Nivea Invisible Deodorant Roll-on - This deodorant is OK as an average anti-perspirant - I tend to look for the cheapest available on this kind of thing, so if this was in the sale I would buy it again.

The Body Shop Raspberry Shower Gel - As I mentioned in my haul post, I think this line has been discontinued, but The Body Shop seem to bring back old scents so I wouldn't be too disheartened. I like Body Shop shower gels and they always smell delicious, but my advice is to wait to be bought them or buy them in a sale!

Simple Shower Gel - This is just a really boring product as it has no scent and because of this I didn't use it for ages, so it went off, meaning I couldn't actually finish it as you may be able to see. 

Along Came Betty Body Scrub - I can't find the exact product online, but I did quite like this scrub as it was extremely gentle, which I'm a fan of as I like to use scrubs in sensitive areas like my underarms. I didn't like the scent of it at all though as it reminded me of an old lady smell.

Palmolive Black Orchid Shower Milk - I didn't particularly like the smell of it, but I would buy from the range again as it cleaned and moisturised me!

Soap and Glory Travel Size Flake Away - I found this scrub quite abrasive, which obviously some people like, but it's not what I look for in a body scrub, so I wouldn't repurchase. The smell is as always delicious though!

Creightons Avocado and Almond Body Butter - I looooved this body butter, which you may be able to tell by the fact that I cut it open to get any more out! I'm also extremely pleased that I reached my goal of finishing a body butter by the end of the year, that I set in this post

Thanks for reading! 
Penny xxx

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Latest in Beauty Awards Winner's Box


I really like the concept of Latest In Beauty - I don't want to sign up for a beauty subscription service because you might get lots of things you don't like and they seem to include more samples than full size products, but with Latest In Beauty you can just buy an individual box that you like. I recently bought the Awards Winner's Box, so I thought I'd tell you guys about my initial thoughts. The box costs £21.50 and is worth over £84.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + - I've thought about buying this in the past and it sounded so good, so it was probably one of the main reasons I bought this box. I've only used it a little bit so I definitely can't say anything about long term effects with respect to reducing scarring, but it feels nice and moisturising on the skin. I think it can be used as an everyday moisturiser (as I have oily skin), but I'm not entirely sure, does anyone know anything about that?

Burt's Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream - I hadn't read any reviews of this before I used it, so I was a bit surprised by it! It contains menthol, which means there's a definite tingle when you use it. I wondered if this might mean it's not great for sensitive skin, but apparently it's not a problem - definitely not for eyes though. I'm quite enjoying using this cleanser, but I haven't tried removing makeup with it yet as I don't tend to wear face makeup.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - I've never used a hair mask in my life so I'm looking forward to trying this one out.

Dr Organic Snail Gel Facial Serum - I was extremely intrigued by this serum due to the unique ingredient! I've used it a couple of times and I have to say the dispenser which I thought looked great is a bit more difficult to use - it seems to blast the product for miles. The smell really puts me off using it. It's kind of like toilet cleaner to me and I find it really lingers. I can't say much about the lasting effects, but as it claims to be anti-aging and I'm only 18, I'm not sure it will help me too much.

Zoella Beauty Fresh Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer - I haven't tried any of Zoe's beauty products before and I'm excited to have a go with this one, but as I don't have baths very often I haven't had a chance yet.

Burt's Bees Lip Crayon in Hawaiian Smoulder - First off, I love the packaging with the honeycomb cut-out! I didn't think I was going to like this colour as it looks quite out there, but it's actually really wearable. It feels quite moisturising when you put it on, but dries to matte. It doesn't last that well, but fades quite nicely.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil - This solid oil sounds great for moisturising dry areas all over the body. I haven't used it yet as I'm half planning to give it to my friend who is always using Vaseline to moisturise, so I think she needs an upgrade!

COLAB Dry Shampoo in Monaco - I'm not totally convinced by COLAB dry shampoos, but it will be very useful to have this one in a travel friendly size. The scent is very fresh and almost lemony.

Eye Of Horus Brown Mascara (but the box available now has the Brown Eyeliner) - I'm not sure how much use I'm going to get out of this mascara as I like to use black. However, I used this on my bottom lashes the other day and it really lengthened them, plus it's a fairly dark brown so I will for sure try it out on my top lashes as well.

Thanks for reading! How do you feel about beauty boxes and Latest in Beauty in particular?
Penny xxx

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Hair and Makeup Empties


So I could have really called this hair and mascara empties, because really, who ever uses any makeup products other than mascara up? Not me. This is the second in a small series of empties posts, here is the first one, about my empty skincare products.

Alberto Balsam Coconut and Lychee Shampoo - I really liked this shampoo. It nourishes my hair a lot more than the pomegranate version of this (empties review here), but it doesn't make it at all greasy, like some richer shampoos can. I didn't really think I would like the scent of this, but it's actually one of my favourite things about it!

Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara - I don't think the one linked is the same as mine, as it's called Fairy Lashes Curl, but anyway, I don't think it's worth the fairly hefty price tag of £17.50, as this one wasn't cracked up to much. It just wasn't anything special, so with so many good drugstore mascaras, I really wouldn't bother with it.

V05 Plump it Up Dry Shampoo - I really liked this but it ran out far too soon. I've got a more detailed review in this post.

Maybelline Falsies Mascara: Waterproof and Very Black - I love this mascara - I have even been asked if I was wearing false lashes whilst wearing it! I was so annoyed when I accidentally got the waterproof version instead of the normal one at first, because it's so hard to get off! I've never really understood why you would want a waterproof mascara - please comment below if you know!

Dove Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner - I don't know much about conditioner, so all I can really say here is that it made my hair feel very soft and the smell is pretty delicious.

Thanks for reading! What recommendations for haircare and mascaras do you have for me?
Penny xxx

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Fashion and Beauty Haul


I feel like I never get enough stuff together to do a haul, but recently I went a bit wild so now I have lots of things to share with you guys!

The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub - I've just had a look online and this doesn't seem to be in stock any more in the UK (I found a US link) - it seems like The Body Shop release and discontinue lines quite a lot, so I wouldn't be surprised if it came back one day. I like the scent and scrubbiness of this so far, but I find the packaging really inconvenient. A word on buying from The Body Shop - I wouldn't bother unless you get a good deal. These scrubs are usually £13, but with the sale and an online discount I got this for £3.90!

Witch Blemish Stick - I like to have something to use on spots if I get them and I've heard that this is pretty good, so I thought I'd give it a go as it definitely doesn't break the bank,

Dove Silk and Shine Conditioner - I think they're probably discontinuing this as I bought it in Poundland and not many places online seem to have it in stock - I think this will be my new place to buy shampoo and conditioner!

Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Make-up Remover - Although I love my Simple Eye Makeup Remover, I thought I'd give this a go as it sounded pretty good. I've used it once and although it removed makeup pretty easily, it didn't feel wet, which I tend to like (OK, just me).

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Beau Brun - I basically really wanted to buy a lipstick that day, and I do slightly regret getting this one as it's a little on the pricey side and not a shade I love. Ah well, I will definitely still wear and enjoy it.

H&M Jersey Skirt in Dark Grey - I've wanted a skirt like this for a while and as I was feeling spendy I went for it! This feels quite good quality, so hopefully it will last me a while.

H&M Jersey Playsuit in Blue/Floral - Although online this hasn't been marked down, I got this in the sale for £5, so I'm pretty pleased with my purchase! I like that the pattern is a bit different - and also it's just so comfy! Plus it has POCKETS!

Fivepoundtee Celtic Stag Sweater - I've wanted a sweater for ages that I can just throw on when it's cold and I don't want to think about my outfit. I really like this, as it'll go with anything, it doesn't have any words on it, as I'm not really a fan of slogans on tops, but it's not boring. 

H&M Short Sleeved Top in Grey - A very exciting purchase by me! Not very much I can say about this, it's just a top that I can throw on with anything.

H&M Jersey Top (Not sure if the top linked is the right one as no colours match this) - I think this will be great for a casual look.

H&M Patterned Top (can't find this online at all, but there were lots of this and this style in store) - I absolutely love this top as it can be smart or casual and goes with pretty much everything. I also really love the shoulder details, but this does mean that you have to wear a strapless bra with this top.

Botanics Facial Oil - I've used this a few times so far, some with my night cream and some on its own and I think it's already helping my skin. It seems to have helped some red marks where I recently had spots fade. Even though I have broken out a bit since using it, they haven't been difficult spots at all, so I think it's just that my skin isn't used to a rich oil yet. 

Thanks for reading! What do you think of my purchases?
Penny xxx

Monday, 3 August 2015

Skincare Empties


I've been collecting empty products for ages now, so I've now got so many it would be one ginormous post, so I decided to split them up. These are the skincare products I've used up since my last empties post

Soap and Glory Fab Pore Mask - I suspect this has been reformulated since mine, as the packaging is different, so I'll keep the review brief! I liked using this and my skin always felt soft after use, but I didn't notice any significant improvements.

No. 7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream - Another one where I'm not entirely sure it's still the same product... I liked this night cream, but didn't think it was anything special.

Boots Vitamin E Night Cream - Finally, something that definitely still exists! I felt that this night cream left my skin feeling... not exactly greasy, but definitely unclean, which isn't something I love when I'm trying to sleep. It almost felt as if it had never completely sunk in. However, after having a look on the Boots website, all of the reviews are very positive and many mention that it's good that the cream doesn't leave your skin sticky. So maybe it's just me! I have oily skin, so this could work better for you. 

Botanics Shine Away Mattifying Day Cream - I liked this moisturiser a lot. I think it probably helped to keep shine at bay, although obviously no cream can do that perfectly. My only gripe with it is that when you put it on it didn't feel as hydrating as I would have liked, but this could be partially because I kept it above my towel rail, so it was often warmed up a bit. My favourite thing about this day cream is that it has SPF 15, which is really useful throughout the year. 

Simple Eye Makeup Remover - This must be a holy grail product for me at this point. I've repurchased it so many times and I still love it. It's so gentle on my eyes, which often become irritated by other makeup removers, such as micellar water. Saying this, I have now bought a different eye makeup remover, which you can see in this haul post.

Thanks for reading! Have you tried any of these products? What have you used up recently?
Penny xxx