Sunday, 27 September 2015

How I'll be planning when at university


After always having a planner provided at secondary school and sixth form, I knew I needed to have something for university. This is just a template - maybe it'll work, maybe it won't, but I thought I'd tell you guys about it as I love the planning community. I got into it from Elle's Planning 101 video and since then I've watched far too many videos and read too many posts!

I'm going to be using this academic wall planner, which I printed from Organise My House here - mine doesn't look quite like the picture as it turns out that my printer doesn't like greyscale! At first I was put off by the fact that it's black and white, but it's actually pretty good as you can use colourful pens and highlighters. I'm going to use this for dates to do with university, like term dates and due dates of big projects.

I bought this notebook for £1 from Tiger to use as a planner. If I use this enough I'd like to have a more expensive planner in the future - I love Plum Paper Planners, but the shipping is so expensive and I'm scared of customs charges, or maybe I'll go down the Filofax route. I've put patterned tape down the side to mark out different sections and make it look a bit more interesting.

I found these month on two pages free printables from Scattered Squirrel - she has so many and is very generous with her printables. These are the ones that I used and here is the same style for 2016.

I've called the first section Daily, but it's become more of a To do list. I'm decorating the whole planner using mostly this washi tape, which you might think isn't very good quality because it's so cheap, but it's pretty great if you ask me! I also bought this tape, which I wouldn't recommend, as it's not washi, so can't be easily removed, and threads have come off a bit, so it's not the best quality.

The next section is where I'm going to write all my assignments and tasks down. 

This tab is kind of an "any other business" jobby - the first page has a list of meals I can cook for dinners, after that is a "presents for others" one, which I haven't taken a picture of as you never know who could see this post!! Then we have books to read and a wishlist, neither of which are very full.

Then we have the notes department, where I write anything that doesn't fit in another one. I think I've been overusing this though and should start using the Daily/To Do section more.

The last segment is all about this blog, so I haven't got a picture of that because *SPOILER ALERT*. It's kind of a catch all thing, with lists of ideas for future posts, dates when I'll publish different things and more detailed plans for in-depth posts.

Thanks for reading! Do you plan?

Penny xxx

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